Fab Fashion Find Of The Day: Allegra K’s Mini Overall Dress

Well, if we’re talking about cute dresses then this has to be top of the leaderboard. The only thing cuter than polka dots or pinafores is when you roll them together and the results are simply incredible. This dress by Allegra is simple, stunning but most importantly, will give you the confidence to enter any room and know that you are looking as good as you feel – and you’ll feel great!

The dresses simplistic style is trumped only by the price, however, don’t let that fool you into thinking that you will be let down on the quality. This dress not only looks great and stays looking great but feels amazing on the skin – absolutely essential for the hot sweaty days that spring likes to throw about. While it has an amazing denim look it is made out of cotton and polyester which means it is light and breathable while looking like a much heavier dress. You’ll be able to remain cool and collected while looking like a hard nut from the outside.

Perfect for those day to day situations that demand something easy to wear but gorgeous at the same time, you’ll quickly find yourself pulling this dress on a regular basis. Whether it’s drinking with friends, a picnic or some light spring shopping, it will quickly become your ‘go to’ item of choice. Well, don’t worry about getting bored either because this dress comes in two shades and by the time you’ve slipped the first one on, you’ll definitely be heading back to buy the second. At such a low price, we can’t blame you!

You can check it out by clicking this link: Allegra K Women’s Dots Pattern Adjustable Shoulder Straps Mini Overall Dress

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