Fab Fashion Find Of The Day: Alice & Elmer’s Strapless Knee-Length Dress

Alice & Elmer have created a simply stunning knee-length dress that hugs all the right places.

An amazing way to accentuate hourglass figures, this strapless dress is perfect for those who have confidence oozing from every pore. The four different colours ensure this dress is perfect for anyone and everyone, with bright and colourful and dark and seducing all covered under the spectrum. The subtly flared hem at the bottom of the dress acts to accentuate the subtlest of curves while the rest of the dress is body hugging without being overly revealing. The soft material is incredibly forgiving and will help to cover up any embarrassing lumps and bumps you might want to cover while the dress itself conjures up images of high-end designers without the hefty price tag attached.

Check it out by clicking this link: Alice & Elmer’s Strapless Knee Length Bandage Club Party Dress

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