Fab Fashion Find Of The Day: Donna Morgan’s Cold Shoulder Cami Dress

If you like looking good without the discomfort so commonly associated with evening dress fashion, then this is the dress for you. A simple but stunning piece by Donna Morgan, this Cami dress is loose and floaty without looking stupid and you’ll feel confident and collected in this masterpiece.

The asymmetric hem adds drama and the shoulder details act to add amazing flair meaning this dress will help you make a statement while feeling amazing. The rich colouring and slightly stretchy draping effect from the waist makes this dress one of the most flattering on the market. With such amazing details and an impeccable end result, this dress manages to look and feel incredible without costing a stupid amount. High-end designers take note, this is how to make dresses for the people.

Check it out by clicking this link: Donna Morgan Women’s Cold Shoulder Cami Dress

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